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We develop complex training offerings that have participants move through timely learning, support and exercises towards a transformative self.

Delivery Framework

Whether we communicate face-to-face or virtually, the goal is the same – to arrive at a shared understanding.  Switching on the technologies is easy. The real challenge is being able to work, influence and collaborate through the technologies to achieve maximum positive impact.


We use robust learning frameworks to design programs that are transformational in nature and rely on coaching, advising, teaching and motivating groups in the online environment.


The main features and benefits of the ETHOS framework:


  • Effective program planning that includes essential elements
  • Flexible framework you can adapt to your coaching/training model
  • Key steps to support participants’ transformational learning so they successfully emerge from the program
  • Best online facilitation and coaching practices that engages and not leave participants behind
  • Coaching plans to provide best strategies and prepare for setbacks
  • Online group coaching program framework that is based on true and tried practices

eLearning Team

Our elearning team has a single purpose: to create effective online training programs for your business. Using evidence-based instructional theory and the latest technologies, we deliver world-class results that transform training. We collaborate closely with small and mid-sized businesses from concept to implementation, turning learning goals and strategies into engaging learning experiences. Best of all, we make learning fun.


We have a proven track record of helping companies improve performance and knowledge transfer for all types of training needs. ETHOS has a diverse team of experts that delivers the right mix of skills for elearning, including graphic design, project management, platform development, and instructional design. We’re one of very few consulting firms supporting small and mid-sized businesses that includes experts in courseware, LMS development, and custom web application design.


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