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E-learning Programs

We build great e-learning programs. For projects in the Western provinces and beyond, our experts can help for a few days or lead complex, multi-month projects. We create engaging programs that are fun and effective.

Employment Programs

Out of work and need a hand getting back into the job market? We offer a number of employment and skills training programs that can help jump start your job search and lead you into a satisfying career.

Blended Learning

We help businesses combine online and offline training to improve learning outcomes and reduce costs. Synchronous or asynchronous, web or classroom, we’ll help you identify the right solution and build a great program

You’ve got the skills, but the job offers just aren’t coming, or your business is just not going in the right direction. You’re not even sure that you love what you’re doing, but you don’t know where to look, or who to turn to.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re a small business interested in selling your expertise online or a business owner looking for workshops, ETHOS can help. We blend the latest technology, business intelligence and instructional design to always deliver the right learning solution.

We help people in need change their lives and find the inspiration to grow their careers and businesses.

Our passion is helping people to build a lifestyle and career full of passion, personal freedom and happiness.

At the heart of ETHOS Career Management Group is a team of experts, passionate about creating rich learning experiences for our clients. We are dedicated to your success.

We’re passionate about one thing: Inspiring you.

ETHOS Career Management Group is in its 17th year of delivering quality employment and self-employment related programs, products and services to individuals, businesses, organizations and the unemployed.

Competition has never been more fierce – for businesses or for individuals looking to thrive in tomorrow’s job market. Outperforming is the name of the game and no one inspires and helps propel Canadians to new heights in professional development more successfully than ETHOS Career Management Group.

There have never been more opportunities and choices available to use to learn, collaborate, share, and build knowledge. Technology has broken down the geographic barriers to connecting with subject matter expertise, wherever it resides. The range of services offered by ETHOS helps provide the appropriate technology, content, and tools to support the ambitions of Learning + Development.

Deborah Bromley

CEO, ETHOS Career Management Group Ltd.

Deborah Bromley


Tamara Cameron

General Manager

Barbara Stevens

Finance Manager