Digital Learning

We're experts - and we have the track record to prove it. For over 17 years, ETHOS has been providing innovative and successful digital learning programs, services, and tools, helping thousands of individuals through dozens of programs.


LMS + Portals

Online training hosted through the ethosWorks LMS reduces your upfront costs, speeds up project delivery and provides all necessary hardware, software, and Internet bandwidth necessary to get your e-learning project off the ground.


Your partner for great elearning from concept to completion. We develop complex training offerings that have participants move through timely learning, support, and exercises towards a transformative self.


Our workforce development strategies are based on a thorough understanding of a region’s labor dynamics. Every ETHOS training program is hand tailored to help get the best results every time.

What challenges does your organization face when creating digital course content?

  1. We don’t have enough L&D folks to convert all of our face-to-face content into a digital format
  2. We have a lot of competing priorities that take our time
  3. We don’t have much of a budget
  4. Our team doesn’t have the knowledge to develop online courses
  5. Our team doesn’t have development experience


Do you:

Develop an In-House Developer?

Purchase Content or Utilize an Appropriate Consultant?



ILT vs. Virtual: Cost Comparison

–  Divide total costs by number of attendees.

Instructor-Led Costs

  • Instructor’s Labor/Fee
  • Attendees’ Labor Cost
  • Training Materials
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Equipment Rental
  • Meals for Attendees
  • Travel Costs


Virtual Costs

  • Instructor’s Labor/Fee
  • Attendees’ Labor Cost
  • Hardware
  • Licensing for Virtual Learning Platform

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