Facilitation Services

Creating an online course is not simply a matter of replicating face-to-face training in an online setting. Thanks to a myriad of new technologies, online facilitators have an exciting array of choices and options when it comes to how we want to deliver content.

Facilitation Services

The professional facilitation staff at ETHOS has more than 30 years experience facilitating a diverse array of meetings.  The most common services we provide are listed below; however, this is not a complete list, as our services can be expanded based on client needs.  If our professional staff does not have a specific expertise needed by the client for a project, we can work through internal partnerships to fulfill a broader array of needs.

  • Agenda Development
  • Online Facilitation
  • Meeting Design
  • Virtual Meeting Logistics
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Personality and Behavioral Profiles
  • Facilitation Tools and Supplies
  • Registration Tracking and Reporting
  • Report Writing

Sample Meeting Types

The types of meetings we commonly facilitate vary a great deal, however, below are some of the more common types of meetings we facilitate.  We also conduct trainings throughout the year to teach techniques and tools related to these types of meetings.

  • Action Planning
  • Brainstorming/Creative Thinking
  • Build Commitment/Engagement
  • Build Community Partnerships
  • Business Planning
  • Corporate/Staff Retreats
  • Decision-making
  • Focus Groups/Stakeholder Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis
  • Occupational Analysis
  • Organizational/Process Improvements
  • Problem Solving
  • Reach Consensus
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team/Relationship Building

Group Size

We have facilitated meetings for small groups (less than 10) and very large groups (100+).  Depending on the client’s needs and the type of meeting, we may have recommendations regarding group size and what we have found to work best.  For example, a DACUM Occupational Analysis works best with a panel of six – eight participants.

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