TechWorks for Young Adults (TWYA) Digital Skills Facilitator (DSF)




  • Relevant Post-Secondary education in Computer Science, Web Development, Counselling, Education, Social Work, Psychology or a related field, or equivalent combination of experience and education.


  • Extensive experience in group facilitation, including computer and online applications.
  • Work experience in marketing, sales and promotion.
  • 3 to 5 years’ experience working with diverse participant groups.
  • Experience working in the technology sector.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Job Search Strategies, current employment trends, labour market information and appropriate workplace behaviours with a focus on Digital Skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of LMI research, job search resources, and online employment tools to help participants conduct a self-directed job search.
  • Knowledge of digital skills credentials and accreditation, employment pathways and transferable career choices.
  • Experience with facilitating and presenting to diverse audiences using web-based tools and live chat functions.
  • Solid administrative skills and demonstrated use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), various web browsers, Internet networks, on-line employment tools, webinar technologies and web development.
  • Ability to adapt to new technology in a continuously improving and changing work environment.
  • Familiarity with one or more of the following sectors is an asset: IT, Engineering; Financial Services, Human Resources; Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Trades, Healthcare, and Young Adults.


Personal Suitability:

  1. Shows respect for diversity and ability to work effectively and productively with diverse clientele.
  2. Contributes as a team player and takes initiative.
  3. Able to multi-task and maintain patience and diplomacy.
  4. Maintains comfort with change and learning; demonstrates a commitment to professional development.
  5. Possesses an awareness of one’s own capabilities and understanding of when to draw upon others’ expertise.
  6. Demonstrates a positive attitude and professional conduct.

Abilities and Skills

Ability to:

  1. Motivate students to complete and follow through with class assignments.
  2. Identify skill gaps in participants, and provide appropriate training.
  3. Excellent communication and teamwork skills and experience in providing training/guidance to non-technical participants.
  4. Assist participants in developing realistic career goals and action plans.
  5. Understand when and where to refer participants for further assistance to complete their Return To Work Action Plan (RTWAP) or to alternative resources for participants with barriers.
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet applications.
  7. Prepare program materials and ensures classroom intake readiness.
  8. Instruct and develop program curriculum.
  9. Make appropriate post-program referrals.
  10. Schedule speakers.
  11. Assist in the review of lesson plans, videos and other course material to ensure appropriateness and relevance, revises as required.
  12. Conduct ongoing labour market research.
  13. Consult with the Program Manager regarding matters of concern.
  14. Present program information to other services providers, or Service Canada sponsored Group Information sessions.
  15. Manage multiple responsibilities and work cooperatively in a team environment.
  16. Work effectively in a fast paced environment.


Knowledge of:

  • Adult learning principles and facilitation of interactive group workshops.
  • Current trends and information in the technology sector.
  • Web development, web content creation, social media marketing principles, and coding.
  • Knowledge of Windows, file management, basic computer security and protection, and an understanding of computer networks.
  • Local programs as well as a thorough knowledge of local and community employment and education-related programs and services.
  • Participant population to be served and sensitivity to their issues.
  • How to access local labour market, government programs, services and networks of community resources.
  • Teaching and motivational skills.
  • Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Practitioners.

NOTE: Bilingual status would be considered an asset


Reports to: TechWorks For Young Adults Program Manager

TechWORKS for Young Adults (TWYA) is an interactive platform that allows young adults on Vancouver Island to navigate through self-directed modules, providing them with Online and Professional Job Search skills, Professional Communication skills and online Employer events. Participant support is provided live and online through group debrief sessions, one-on-one video meetings and email. This role demands high levels of presentation and communication skills, the ability to think on your feet and considerable writing strengths.

The Digital Skills Facilitator (DSF) for TWYA is responsible for workshop facilitation and one-to-one training in digital skills with a focus on employability. Priorities include developing and updating workshop curriculum in response to trends and participant feedback, and teaching participants effective digital employment-related strategies. The DSF also provides up to date LMI specific to the technology sector, and tailors training in response to the participants needs.



  • Assess participants for program/session suitability, as required.
  • Facilitate groups in the digital career exploration and work search process, using recognized adult learning principles and techniques.
  • Develop, maintain, and update workshop curriculum on an ongoing basis
  • Utilize knowledge of the labour market to assist participants with their job search needs.
  • Conduct orientations for all identified participants and assist them to register for individual and group on-line activities and direct them to the on-line library of resources and links.
  • Support participant communication services such as e-mail, voice mail and live chat.
  • Track participant inquiries, identify opportunities, and make recommendations related to improve services and to provide value-added services.
  • Assist participants in learning to use effective job search techniques, career decision making methods, and personal management strategies.
  • Development of curriculum and course materials.
  • Modify the program on an ongoing basis in order to meet the requirements and stated goals of participants and local businesses.
  • Development of participant list, end of month reports, and intervention closure forms.
  • Conducting one-to-one sessions with participants in the final week to determine next steps in their individual plans.
  • Develop and maintain relationship with potential employers, training providers, service providers and guest speakers on an ongoing basis.
  • Aware of trends in contract, virtual and online remote work.
  • Provide guidance in developing a job search strategy, identifying and matching career interests, skills and aptitudes, developing interview techniques and preparing a resume and cover letter, developing a personal LinkedIn profiles etc. both one to one or in on-line webinar formats.
  • Deliver group workshops on a variety of employment and settlement related topics to prepare participants for working in digitally-focused jobs using webinar tools.


  • Maintain in-house participant file management, database and participant service statistics; report to and liaise regularly with Manager.
  • Maintain records and complete reports as required, to ensure appropriate data is available for ongoing service performance evaluation and monitoring
  • Critique, proofread and provide participants with one-to-one support in online digital skills portfolio.
  • Ensure strict adherence to participant confidentiality and all other professional codes of conduct.
  • Update and contribute to a database of technology sector employer information, including location, contact names, current number of staff, and types of positions and hiring practices.
  • Evaluate results, record weekly activity and submit monthly reports to supervisor.

Administration and Client Support

  • Liaise with Team to provide weekly updates on participant progress in job search and job placements.
  • Attend case conferencing sessions with Team and participant to review individual participant RTWAP goals and requirements.
  • Participate in developing and presenting employability workshops, when required.
  • Assist participants in determining employment goals and means of attaining such goals.
  • Work with participants to identify barriers to employment and strategies to overcome them and, where appropriate, refer to additional services for further assistance.
  • Assist participants to find appropriate resource material, using computers, print resources and/or online applications.
  • Ensure strict adherence to participant confidentiality and all other professional codes of conduct.
  • Facilitate career development, employment search and digital skills workshops, when staffing needs require.
  • Evaluate results, record weekly activity and submit monthly reports to supervisor.
  • Assist in the review of lesson plans, videos and other course material to ensure appropriateness and relevance, revises as required.
  • Consult with the Program Manager regarding matters of concern.

Build Relationships with Employers

• Establish TWYA as a resource for local businesses to hire youth with enhanced digital skills.
• Attend trade shows and events to network with employers; join local business associations.
• Visit technology based businesses and employer workplaces to identify sources, prospects and job leads.
• Liaise with Employment Counsellors to identify appropriate candidates
• Conduct relationship-based marketing to employers to encourage them to hire participants and support them in their orientation to work.
• Create opportunities for employment, including part-time and full-time paid employment placements, job shadowing, and informational interviews